Our Capabilities

Our strength is a nimble team of dedicated experienced scientists in process and analytical development committed in ensuring affordable CGT access to patients globally. 

SGVector’s optimized platform suspension HEK293 system allows for efficient production of across multiple vectors, serotypes and variants.

We run developability and manufacturability assessments to address potential risks and circumvent development issues during scale up. Our process development services help de-risking your path to successful trials and commercialization, achieve consistent production and at manageable CoGs. We develop a battery of inhouse release tests for the vectors. The critical quality attributes are monitored to assure the efficacy, quality, and safety of the drug product over its intended shelf-life.

As there is no single production strategy that works best for all viral vector manufacturing modalities, we thus offer the flexibility of multiple production methods to help you decide which process will best meet your needs.

Developability Assessment

Process Development

Product Characterization

Viral Reduction


Stability studies

Formulation Screening

Production & Manufacturing

Vector Design & Development

Design and develop functional viral vectors including design of Rep-Cap helper and transfer plasmids, optimisation of transgene expression to enhance vector functionality for research and clinical applications

Process Development, Scale-Up & Production

Optimize the process from small scale to large-scale including cell expansion, transfection, clarification, purification, polishing, formulation, filling and production (manufacturing)

Assay Development & Analytical Testing

Provide assay development and testing to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of the viral vector product

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